One Room Challenge: Toddler Room – Week 6 REVEAL

It’s Thursday November 8th, 2018. I made it. I finished my One Room Challenge! There were about 3 specific times during this past 6 weeks I can recall thinking to myself, “Why not just quit? Why are you pushing yourself to do this? There is no prize at the end. Nobody will actually care ifContinue reading “One Room Challenge: Toddler Room – Week 6 REVEAL”

One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 5

This has been the most successful #ORC week I’ve had thus far! Maybe that’s not necessarily true. Maybe it feels so successful because I am nearing the finish of Ezra’s room. Maybe it’s because projects that were formerly pissing me off, have finally come together. Remember the closet I hated so much and couldn’t figureContinue reading “One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 5”

One Room Challenge: Toddler Room Week 4

Week 4 is proving to be the hardest week to photograph. Yes, I did it! I started the stars on the ceiling (which I have been very excited about). If you want to see them, you’re more than welcome to come over, otherwise there are minimal pictures to show you here.

One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 3

Week 3, how you’ve been a pain in my rear. This week I feel as if I’ve accomplished nothing. That paired with being behind in my posting has left me feeling a little like I’m trying to make chicken salad out of chicken poop. After some encouraging words from a few of my Instagram homeContinue reading “One Room Challenge : Toddler Room Week 3”

One Room Challenge: Toddler Room Week 2

Did I finish everything on my to do list for this week? The short answer is no. Am I freaking out? Also no. I’m not worried because I do feel like we are making really steady progress on our One Room Challenge-Toddler Room. Here is what I did complete this week. I was able toContinue reading “One Room Challenge: Toddler Room Week 2”

Full West Center Kitchen Remodel

I know, I know….I’ve posted my kitchen before. Now it is finally done! A complete space. Not one more thing needs to be changed (well I’m sure I’ll get an itch to change something at some point. Let’s be honest!). Here is a picture of the kitchen when I bought the house. This picture makesContinue reading “Full West Center Kitchen Remodel”

The Playroom

We completed a room! The playroom is the first room upstairs I can say is completely done! I don’t even have to go back and fix or change anything, believe it or not. This room (along with the entire upstairs)¬†went all the way down to studs. It was rewired, reinsulated, drywalled, new windows installed, theContinue reading “The Playroom”

Working on Multiple Rooms

I’ve been a little scatter brained when it comes to what I’m working on at the moment. My entire upstairs needs work before we can actually use the space. The upstairs consists of 4 bedrooms (one in which I’ve turned into the master closet), and the second floor bathroom. Each room is in varying statesContinue reading “Working on Multiple Rooms”

New Back Door

I haven’t posted in awhile mainly because I’ve been taking a break from the renovation life. It takes a toll on you. There is a lot of unnecessary pressure I put on myself to keep checking things off of my to do list. The fact of the matter is, if nothing else ever got doneContinue reading “New Back Door”

100-Year-Old Vintage Porch Makeover-Before

This porch is the most beautiful and ugliest part of this house. It was a huge selling feature for me when I purchased the home. It has definitely seen some renovation over the years. As you can see from one of the original pictures the previous homeowner brought to me a few months back, theContinue reading “100-Year-Old Vintage Porch Makeover-Before”