Vintage Dresser Vanity

Most of the upstairs bathroom is now complete. There are only a few small paint items left and some decor choices to decide on. With so many fun features in this bathroom like the 1921 clawfoot tub and the huge walk in tile shower, it’s hard to narrow down my favorite thing about this space.Continue reading “Vintage Dresser Vanity”

Repurposing the Original Mantels (Part 2)

I finished the second mantel this past Saturday. This one I am using in Ezra’s playroom upstairs as a bookshelf. I first added the beadboard to the mantel opening. Next, I used my miter saw and nail gun(my two favorite tools) to make simple shelves out of some scrap wood I had in the backContinue reading “Repurposing the Original Mantels (Part 2)”

Repurposing the Original Mantels (part 1)

This Saturday, on a whim, I decided to drag the original mantels outside and finally do something with them. They have been sitting in my entryway since I took them out of the front rooms. I didn’t want to reuse them in their traditional sense because they didn’t quite go with my design style, butContinue reading “Repurposing the Original Mantels (part 1)”

Dry Brushing

My doors had layers of paint on them. So I stripped them, not exactly sure of what my goals were. I liked the halfway stripped look and started to embrace the idea of not having a solid painted door. The problem was, not one door looked remotely the same. They had different color paints, stains,Continue reading “Dry Brushing”

Bargain Cabinets

I stopped into the Habitat for Humanity Restore in Mooresville one Saturday on a whim to see what they had in stock. After pricing out cabinets online and getting the shocking $4000 total, I was searching for another option. To my luck, the Restore had cabinets; lots of cabinets. The cabinets below just so happenedContinue reading “Bargain Cabinets”