2019 Goals – January 1st


There is nothing like sharing goals publicly to help kick you in the butt. I’ve always heard if you write down what you want or what you are going to do, you are more likely to achieve it. Maybe that goes along with the saying “planning to win is a winning plan“.

My goals may seem superficial, but this is a lifestyle post…and not to mention my blog where I get to decide the content. I don’t believe I will be solving world peace or changing over my entire families life to a non GMO, non phalate, non paraben….I’m not even sure all the stuff I’m suppose to be watching out for, this year.

Here are the things I can work on, in respect to myself.

Goal 1: Hair

I’d like to shoot for 4 Inches of healthy growth in 2019 and keep my style all one length. I’ve have done a lot of damage to my hair by wearing extensions the majority of 2018. I typically wear tape in extensions, which are suppose to be less damaging. Every time I take a set out after 6-8 weeks, I feel like I’ve lost a quarter more of my hair. I have never defined my hair as fine or thin. Maybe it’s aging, but I most definitely contribute most of that lose to the extensions. I also heat style my hair every single day. More so with extensions. While the extensions are getting a lot of the brunt, unfortunately my real hair is getting it too.

These are 18” tape in extensions I typically would wear for 6 weeks

Here is my plan for these tresses;

  • Biotin supplement daily
  • Folic Acid supplement daily – Do I know these supplements will make a damn difference. Nope. What’s the harm in trying?
  • Healthy eating – Concentrating on whole foods, less dairy, and minimizing refined sugar.
  • Increase water intake – I would like to shoot for the normal 8 ounces of water, 8 times a day, as my minimum goal. It’s hard to believe there was a time I use to drink almost 2 gallons a day. YIKES!
  • Damage repair hair products – I’m starting with Aveda Damage Remedy products. This is a trial. I have no idea how it’ll work, but hey, I’ll let you know.
  • No hair extensions – This is going to be a tough one for me.
  • Less heat styling – I shall embrace my inner hippie…if only on the weekends.
  • Regular trims – I just cut off a good amount of damaged hair I was holding on to for the sake of length. Ladies, let the dead hair go!

My current hair, post a fresh cut this past Sunday…


Goal 2: Consistent Weight Lifting

I’d like to shoot for 4+ weight lifting sessions a week. Back in the “old” days, I was team no days off. That’s not so realistic these days. I was single and had no real responsibilities. Now I typically wait until Ezra is asleep to try and sneak away to our home gym for 30 minutes. I’ve had a hard time finding consistency; getting two workouts in here and then going weeks without.

We are redoing our home gym to help with motivation. Josh always is a big motivator to me, so being able to workout together in a space that has the equipment we both need will make all the difference. I’m excited to share with you all what the finished gym will look like, as that’s also a home renovation post and another completed room!

Once upon a time, from 2013-2014, I competed in amateur bikini bodybuilding competitions. See below. I’d like to find a dedication to fitness about half of what this was.

I won my class this show.
Same show as above. August 2014.
  • Mini Goal – Squat Body weight consistently
  • Mini Goal – Deadlift Body weight consistently

Goal 3: Skincare

Clear skin with decreased scarring. I’ve already started working on this goal, but consistency is key (as it is with all these goals). I have suffered from cystic acne since my teen years. I’m not an all over breakout kind of gal, as I am major hormonal acne pop ups around my period.

Interestingly enough, I learned from my new dermatologist that women my age (32) with the Mirena IUD tend to suffer from cystic acne around the chin and jaw area, my troubled spots. I do want to look at changing my IUD out for the Copper option in 2019. There is a lot of hormonal research I’m interested in diving into learning about as well.

Other components of my skincare plan;

  • Continue cleanser, toner, acne medication, serum, moisturizer routine – morning and night
  • Increase water intake – Same as above
  • Lower refined sugar intake – Same as above. I’m a sweets addict.
  • Look into resurfacing options with dermatologist to improve scarring. Maybe micro-needling. I am not opposed to treatments, so maybe I can share what I decide on and the results.

The wrap up…

Short and sweet, but it will be a lot of dedication to achieve these three goals in 2019. I’d like to write these post as a series throughout the year to help with accountability and share progress. I hope you’ll follow along. If you have any interest or questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Note to anyone reading this: I do not sell any products, nor would I push anything on anyone here as a recommendation. This is me, simply sharing my life and goals to remain accountable to myself. If something works for me, maybe it will work for you, but we are all individuals with our own complex make up and needs. Please always consider that.


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