Christmas Dining Room Decor

The dining room is fully decorated for Christmas! This is by far my favorite room to decorate for any holiday, but especially Christmas because this space also doubles as the room we celebrate Ezra’s birthday in! Ezra will be turning 2 this year on Christmas Eve. It doesn’t feel right to me to not give his birthday just as much attention and celebration, so I’ve adopted joining the two days together in this space. I also enjoy decorating this room because I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and with the pass through I get to see it a lot!You may see it differently and think this is a lot, but I don’t feel like I go over the top with my Christmas decor. I like to add things that feel like Christmas, without the decor being all glitter, lights, and tinsel. In the dining room I’m sticking with a rustic, buffalo check theme as I did the year before. Buffalo check feels like winter to me and is very trendy right now, so I’ve scored a lot of great finds at Target, Michael’s, Home Goods, and Wayfair (my favorite home decor stops). I’ve added a few more decor elements this year like the Hearth and Hand stockings and the vintage chicken feed trough (pictured below) on the dining table I picked up at an antique store in town.  My tablescape is rather simple as well. The placemats, napkin rings, plates, linen napkins, candles, and flocked eucalyptus were all picked up in a Target haul before Thanksgiving. My table seats 6, but for day to day I like to keep the settings at 4 and as you can see push my two extra chairs to the side of the mantel to use as added decor (above fireplace picture). 

I love creating a huge impact in this room with the use of an elaborate chalkboard design. This is where I really take the opportunity to celebrate Ezra! His family gathering this year will be Mickey Mouse Holiday themed (hence the large Mickey Mouse on the chalkboard). I actually have a few more Mickey Mouse Christmas decor items, but I won’t put them out until his actual celebration. I love Mickey Mouse and all, but he’s not exactly something I want in my everyday style. His appearance on the chalkboard is plenty for me, lol.   

I do get a lot of questions about my chalkboard and how I create these different pieces. I do not use stencils, everything is free handed so I’m not sure how much I can offer in way of tips. I’ve always enjoyed drawing from a very early age and it really runs in my family. Most of the Rockwell’s are very talented when it comes to their artistry (we aren’t related to Norman Rockwell, just a coincidence). My grandma used to sit with my brother and I at the dining room table, and draw the most amazing 1940s catalog style men and women on scratch paper.  I hope to be able to share this passion with Ezra. I made him his own chalkboard and whiteboard wall in the craft room to practice on (that room reveal coming soon). He’s not allowed to touch “mommy’s special wall”, lol. Those are daddy’s words, not mine! The truck I drew for my fall wall as you can see in my Fall Dining Room post. I colored him red for the season. He may be sticking around for awhile because I’m not sure I can bare erasing him quite yet. Maybe he’ll be picking up flowers this spring!

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